Kindly explain what is Fitra,Fidya & Kafaara?
Fitra, Fidya and Kafaara
*Fitra or Zakaatul Fitr* is an obligatory charity that must be paid at the end of Ramadaan. It is obligatory for every Muslim male and female,young or old, to pay Zakaatul Fitr. The head of the house (The father) will pay the fitra on behalf of his dependents ( wife and children etc )
*Rasulullah (Salallah Alayhi was salam) said : Zakaatul Fitr is paid as a means of purification for the fasting person ( from any wrong actions or words that was done or uttered) and it is a means of feeding the poor*.
The amount of Fitra is one Sa'a ,that was the means of calculation in the time of Rasulullah (Salallah Alayhi was Salam) , which is equivalent to 2,73 kg of rice in today's times.
The Fitra becomes obligatory at setting of the sun on the last fasting day of Ramadaan ( The night when the moon is going to be sighted) until after the rising of sun on Eid day or before the Imaam gets on to the Mimbar to deliver the Eid Sermon ( khutba)
However the Fitra can be payed before the time mentioned,because most of the the companions of Rasulullah (Salallah Alayhi was Salam) used to pay their Fitra a few days earlier and according to the Shafi'i mathab it can be payed from the beginning of Ramadaan to make things easier for the poor.
*Rasulullah (Salallah Alayhi was Salam) said: whoever pays his fitra before the Eid prayer has disbursed it and whoever pays it after the Eid prayer has only payed a normal sadaqah*. ( Abu Dawood)
May Allah SWA accept our fast and our good deeds....Ameen*!
*Note*: A person cannot be a giver of Zakaatul Fitr and a recipient of it at the same time eg: an old person who is financially stable,who pays Fitra,but when the Masajid distribute Fitra they give to that person as well. Fitra can be given in the form of food or cash.
What is Fidya?
Fidya is that amount that a person should pay who is unable to fast during the month of Ramadaan,due to a chronic illness, extreme weakness due to old age or a lady breastfeeding and fearing for the health of her baby. The first two categories mentioned must be sure that they won't be able to repay the fast after the month of Ramadaan.
Fidya should be payed for every day that is missed and should not be payed before the time,but it can be delayed to the last day of Ramadaan to be payed in a lump sum. The amount that should be payed out per day as fidya should be approximately 2kg per day.
Note: A lady that is not fasting due to the fact of fearing for her own health *should only fast in the days missed after Ramadaan, but a lady fearing for the health of her baby *should pay in the days of the fast missed and pay fidya for each day missed.
What is kaffarah?
Kaffarah is when you miss fast intentionally during the month of Ramadaan then you must pay it in by fasting 60 days consecutively. The person that is not able to fast in those days due to weakness or illness must then feed a poor person for 60 days.
Note: Weakness or Illness is not that which conforms to one's nafs or imagination, Allah is All knowing and Seeing. Dont fool yourself by attempting to fool Allah.
Issued by: Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape


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