The welfare department see to the day to day household needs such as rent, water, groceries, medical and electricity requirements for the poor and needy. This department also attends to Fasakh (Marriage Annulments), Talaaqs (divorces), Nikaakh (Marriages)


Burial Service's 

We attend to all paper work, Estate's, Maqbara (Grave Yard), Planks, Kafan and all the items associated to the Ghusul.


Taalimi board

1) Makaatib/Madaaris, we currently have two makaatib.

There is a huge void to fill so as to

meet the requirement of fulfilling the need.

At present we have identified 15 areas for Makaatib as a matter of urgency.

2) We are embarking on a new project which was encouraged by our seniors (Senior Ulama & Mashaaik throughout South Africa).

Insha Allah, if resources allow then we will soon be starting our own Darul Uloom "Jaamia'ah Darul Uloom Cape Town"


Feeding Schemes

1) With the feeding scheme we are able to distribute cooked food. This method of food distribution helps those households who don't have electricity and the other ingredients needed to cook a wholesome meal.

2) Food Vouchers: In our experience we found the distributions of vouchers to be the most considerate as it allows the recipients the choice to see to there individual needs which may vary from the illness of one individual to the other as they are subjected to their medical diets or allergies, it also reduces the cost of packaging, and transportation allowing us to allocate more food to the needy.

3) Hamper distribution : For those donors who have there hampers pre packed we have these hampers distributed directly to those areas needed.


LOR Department (letters of Recommendation to those organisations meeting the following requirements)
1) Constitution
2) Financials
3) Bank Statements
4) letter requesting the LOR
5) Submitting month to month income and expendature of the organisation
6) Organisation should be open to surprise spot checks on the organisations activities.


The Women's Resource Islamic Centre


The property will consist of 3 independent autonomously operating 2 bedroom houses. The idea would be to create the environment that would help administer and foster the values of a good sound Islamic home for those who were victim's of sub human behaviour.


This initiative is enabled by Qualified psychologists familiar with physiological and emotional needs of these women and children.


We will also be working closely with the Department of Social Services who brought this imperative need to our attention as a result of a serious lack and lethargy for this sector.


We urge our Muslim Brethren whom Allah has entrusted with the amaanat (trust) of wealth to assist us to assist others with these projects.

And we remind you that the real auditor is Allah. And we are answerable for every cent and neglect.


May Allah put it in your heart and choose you not to neglect such projects.

May Allah keep us all with Ihlaas, Istiqamat and Aafiya.


Please don't be shy or hesitate to test our policy of unfettered transparency.


Was Salaam.

Ihsaan Abrahams (Maulana)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

078 930 5053




Purchasing Property R750 000

Vehicle Toyota R100 000


Monthly expenses

1) Groceries R4500

2) Water, electricity and rates R2250+ R1200 = R3450. 00

3)Transportation R3500. 000

4) Medical and Pharmaceutical R700

5) Clothing R3500 per annum, per family, for 3 families R10 500



6) Maintenance, Property and Vehicle R1200

7) Staff R5000


Monthly expenses R19 250. 00

Annual expenses R10 500.00


Total annual expenses : R241 500 for 3 families


R 850 000.00 (Property and Transportation)

R 241 500.00 (Annual expenses)


Total Project Amount : R1 091 500.00


Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape


Branch Code:  198765

Zakaat Account Number:  2010789571

Lillah Account Number: 2010789563



Thursday, 23 March 2023
Wednesday, 29 Sha'aban 1444

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