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Heirs of the Prophets or Heir of the Profits Breaking News Holy Crooks Holy Frauds TNK Attorney's Lawyer Fazloodien Abrahams has confirmed Faseeg Adams arrest yesterday (Friday). According to a reliable source he was arrested at the Cell C Claremont store for taking fraudulent loans. It is alleged that these are the monies used to pay … [Read More...]

The Holy City’s Crooks

Heirs of the Prophets or Heirs of the Profits Updates on the Holy Crooks Faseeg Adams and his Media Partner Qarie Ahmed Saeed. Not to long ago (25 December 2019) Faseeg Adams and his fake selected Darul Ulama whatsapp members and their surrogate organisation Madrasatul Uloom frauded pilgrims of their hard earned halaal monies. Unable to account … [Read More...]

Al-Jamaa’ah Exposed

  Kindly click on the below link to view pdf article regarding Al-Jamaa'ah Shi'a Agents   Al-Jama ah Shia Agents … [Read More...]

Wild Animals Leave The Jungles

My friends! Submit to Malik (Allah Ta’ala), then all things will submit to you. You are aware of the stories of the Sahaabah. Once, there was a need for the Muslims to set up camp in one of the jungles of Africa which was teeming with wild animals. Hadhrat Uqbah, the commander of the army, took a few Sahaabah with him to a spot in the jungle and … [Read More...]

Shia Sulaimani – An Enemy Of Islaam!

  Kindly click on the following file to view PDF ISSUED BY: JAMIATUL ULAMA WESTERN CAPE Soleimani enemy of Islam … [Read More...]