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Al-Jamaa’ah Exposed

  Kindly click on the below link to view pdf article regarding Al-Jamaa'ah Shi'a Agents   Al-Jama ah Shia Agents … [Read More...]

Wild Animals Leave The Jungles

My friends! Submit to Malik (Allah Ta’ala), then all things will submit to you. You are aware of the stories of the Sahaabah. Once, there was a need for the Muslims to set up camp in one of the jungles of Africa which was teeming with wild animals. Hadhrat Uqbah, the commander of the army, took a few Sahaabah with him to a spot in the jungle and … [Read More...]

Shia Sulaimani – An Enemy Of Islaam!

  Kindly click on the following file to view PDF ISSUED BY: JAMIATUL ULAMA WESTERN CAPE Soleimani enemy of Islam … [Read More...]

Imam Fasieg Adams implicated in yet another Umrah scandal

January 3, 2020 • News, VOC News • A group of travellers is planning to take legal action against the infamous imam Fasiegh Adams after he allegedly defrauded them of at least R240 000 by unexpectedly cancelling their umrah trip. Adams has been at the centre of several umrah scandals over the past few years but has never been … [Read More...]

The Wealthy Are More In Need

A wealthy man presented a gift of 500 dirhams (silver coins) to Hadhrat Junaid Baghdaadi (rahmatullahi alayh) requesting him to distribute it to the Fuqaraa. Hadhrat Junaid asked: “Do you have more wealth?” When the man said, “Yes”, Hadhrat Junaid said: “Do you desire more wealth than what you have?” The man said: “Yes”, Hadhrat Junaid said: “Then … [Read More...]