A Sanitized Apology From Gabriel’s 

As expected, Gabriel’s has once again flouted every expectation of being humble, reflecting and managing the error of his ways.

And he states:

“I hereby express my sincere apologies to my fellow brothers and sisters if I have erred in my understanding of the events as it transpired on the day. ”

It would be evident to every simpleton out here that this is not an apology.

An apology, if sincere, comes with acknowledgement of wrong, following with regret.
One can only apologize to something if one believes it is wrong.

His states:” If I have erred in my understanding of the events”

Clearly he doesn’t believe that he has erred.

His Jummah khutaba post the kufr event, was laced with justification and lies.

Should an apologetic statement not read, when I erred?

This is not an apology but a statement as it is clearly sub headed.

“Small percentage”
He also speaks of a “small percentage” of the Muslim community that was outraged.
Even the Sinful alcohol drinking Muslim was out raged, the new Muslim that has accepted Islam was outraged.
It became so outraged that the kufaar newspapers took an interest in it and made a story out of it.

“Prior knowledge”
He claims no prior knowledge. It is common knowledge when one is invited to an event to have knowledge of the time, date and venue as well as the agenda to follow.
When you are invited as a guest speaker, the program layout and time slot is confirmed with each individual and the program was given, before-hand.
Who are you trying to fool?
Are you claiming that you didn’t know what time the event would end and start?

Before the event was started, the program was read out.
Did you not hear Vedic (Hindu) traditions?
Did you not see or hear Ihsaan Taliep name being read with the Reverend’s name as prayers have to be said?

Who is fooling who here?

“Recused myself”
Why didn’t you recuse yourself when there was mixing of genders?

Is this what your and your Rasool’s version of Islam teaches?

Why did you not recuse yourself when there was music singing, love songs and dancing?

No, rather you got on the stage and sang with them.
What type of Islam are you practicing?
What type of Sheikh are you?

Was this not enough to recuse yourself from a haraam wedding?

A normal, non Aalim Muslims’ imaan would agitate him when he see people moving around the fire (without knowledge), how did your imaan allow you to sit with fascination?

“No Kufr and No Shirk”
The Kufr and Shirk was there to read and hear.

Was it not kufr when the Reverend was making a Christian prayer to the father, son and holy Ghost for the bride, groom and family?

Or was it the same for you when you stood in the church, in the first saff (first row) on the left hand side, standing as the priest and his congregation stood. Dancing to the tunes of the gospel and you were clapping hands to the beat. Do you remember that sheikh? (The video was circulating on whatsApp a few years ago)

Was that kufr or not?

The Khutaba given by Rashid Omar, was that not sign enough that a person of that nature give a nikaah khutaba, did the sirens not go off?

When does Your siren ever go off?

You cannot be an Aalim.
You are a politician. Good luck to your political career.

For: Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape

Written by: Admin 1