A Sister’s Letter On The Rajab 1440 Hilaal

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With regards to the Hilaal of Rajab 1440, we – Jamiatul-Ulama Western Cape, as well as the following Ulama / organizations confirmed the Rajab 1440 Hilaal on Thursday night (7 March 2019, at Maghrib):

  1. Jamiatul-Ulama Northern Cape (They sighted the Hilaal)
  2. Majlisul-Ulama of South Africa (They were among the first to send out the confirmation)
  3. Jamiat Joburg (Also sent a confirmation)
  4. Custodians of the Haq (They also sent a confirmation soon after the Majlis sent theirs)
  5. Mufti AK Hoosen Saheb (He also confirmed live on Markaz Sahaabah in the early hours of Friday)

Never the less, a sister from Kwa-Zulu Natal wrote the following letter to an Ulama organization of South Africa which they published on their website.

The letter reads:

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I never thought i will see the day that Ulama will behave like politicians and try to talk their way out of any sticky situation. If one tells a lie, one has to tell 10 other lies to cover up the one lie. When people begin to lie to themselves, especially with regard to Shar’i issues – which has the possibility of impacting upon the Ibaadah of thousands of Muslims – then they must fear for their Iman and repent.

Jamiatul Ulama Natals’ response was a typical example of trying to mislead the public, by making excuses for refusing to accept the moon sighting for Rajab, which was accepted and confirmed by Majlisul Ulama and Mufti AK Hoosen the very same night.

If it was the 1 Ramadan, would their Iman have allowed them to forego the tremendous reward of one fast of Ramadan and their Taraaweeh Ibaadah, to not ruffle the feathers of Uucsa leaders. Those that made the decision not to accept the confirmation by the Majlisul Ulama have far greater question marks on their adaalah. If it was the 1st Ramadan, would they have still stuck to their illusionary protocol? If it was the 1 Ramadan would they have waited until the next day to get Shahaada from those who sighted the moon.

May Allah guide those Ulama to understand their own nifaq in making Allahs Law a plaything, and to make sincere taubah. May Allah guide them and all Ulama never to sell out the Ummah and Deen of Allah. May they make Allah’s Pleasure and the benefit of the Ummah their foremost aim in the future.

(End of the sister’s letter)