Advice To The Huffaaz

The quality of Hifz of present-day Huffaaz is truly lamentable. Throughout the country where the Huffaaz recite in Taraaweeh, a sad mockery of the Qur’aan and the Taraaweeh takes place.

The recitation of the Huffaaz in general is putrid and spiritually nauseating. It is an insult to the sacred institution of Hifz to describe these Ramdhaan ‘huffaaz’ as Haafizul Qur’aan.

During the daytime, despite spending considerable time revising a couple of rukus’ which will be recited in a couple of raka’ts, their recitation is cluttered with errors of a variety of kinds. The speed with which they recite betrays the great deficiency in their ‘hifz’.

The speed furthermore makes a massive mockery of the Ibaadat of Salaat. While there are exceptions to this abominable state of affairs, they are rare. The majority of the so-called ‘huffaaz’ are not true haafizul Qur’aan.

When a student would come to visit Hadhrat Masihullah (rahmatullah alayh) and if in response to his query he said that he was a haafiz, Hadhrat would ask: “A Ramdhaani hafiz or a Haafizul Qur’aan?”

A “Ramdhaani hafiz” is the kind of chap who is the Imaam in a couple of raka’ts of Taraaweeh and acquits himself in the manner described above.

The entire year he remains oblivious of the Qur’aan Majeed. During Ramadhaan he suffers during the daytime swotting the couple of Rukus he is supposed to recite in Taraaweeh. He is not a true Haafiz.

On the other hand, a Haafizul Qur’aan, is a Haafiz who has the Qur’aan Majeed inside his heart, in his mind, and on his tongue and finger tips. He is a true Guard of the Qur’aanic text.

A Haafiz of the Qur’aan should make it his incumbent duty to recite the entire Qur’aan in his daily Sunnat and Nafl Salaat throughout the year. The Sunnat and Nafl Salaaat attached to the Fardh Salaat, Tahajjud, Ishraaq, Dhuha, Tahyatul Wudhu, Tahyatul Musjid, Awwaabeen, etc. offer him ample opportunity to revise and solidify his Hifz every day of the year.

But, the so-called huffaaz, rush through their daily Salaat reciting the short Surahs. In addition to this, the Haafiz should recite at least 10 Juz daily. From the 24 hours he has to devote only about 3 and half hours which he could
spread over the entire day and night. If the hafiz does not adopt this or a similar system it is obvious that the Qur’aan Majeed will slip from his memory.

Another factor of vital importance is that indulgence in sin and futility adversely affects Hifz. A haafiz who does not inculcate Taqwa will increasingly tend to forget his Hifz. The Qur’aan does not coexist with a heart contaminated with evil.

The Qur’aan is pure noor which can coexist only in a heart which glitters with noor.