An Open Letter To Maulana Bham – ‘Flatten The Nerve’

A Open Letter to Maulana Bham
Flatten the Nerve

16 Sha baan 1441 (9 April 2020)
Assalaamu alaykum.
Att. Maulana Ebrahim Bham

After repetitive bombardment of a short audio clip making its rounds, we found it prudent to put things in perspective.

Firstly, we would like to make it very clear. Nobody said disobey the lockdown.

“Obey the lockdown maybe if we obey the lockdown the curve will flatten” (Maulana Bham)

The letter was an appeal to the President of the country to consider the opening of the Masaajid as essential. In other words, have it open with conditions like all other essentials.

This is something new to us all. Recently shops were not allowed to sell baby clothes, the concerns reached the ears of the authorities who are doing their level best given the circumstances and concession was made. The same applies to the taxis, for the spaza shops, etc.
Alhamdulilah, what is the harm in requesting or exercising our constitutional right to have the matter heard in court.

Who will blame the taxis, supermarkets, and spaza shops for ‘spreading the virus’.

By saying obey the lockdown you create the impression that we are advocating the Muslims should not obey the lockdown.

2) “Muslims want exemption” and “Be separate from the Country” (Maulana Bham)

Muslims are not asking to be exempted and neither do we want to exclude ourselves from the rest of the nation.

Perhaps Maulana can explain what inspired that impression?

Maulana, perhaps if you had consulted the other Muslim organisations displaying the type of unity we always hear you advocating then we would have told you that the ACDP (African Christian Democratic Party) a political party has also requested for churches to be open as an essential.
The Mayor of Beaufort West and a Constable in their civil duty has urged the Government to consider the holy cites as essential. May Allah bless them with Imaan.

Maulana, we are playing directly in the hands of the atheist. Religion has been removed from almost every aspect of our lives.

3) “We know what happened in India with Nizaamudeen Markaz” and “Other parts of the world….”

Maulana, the Nizaamudeen Markaz issue was also a situation where Muslims want an Anti-Muslim hostile President and kindled the fire. Insha Allah, if time allows we will endeavour to shed light regarding that matter.
But let us not be the ones to blacken the name of Tabligh.

We are very proud to say our very own Maulana Tootla (Rahimullah) has succeeded us in Martyrdom. What an honour, we should be jealous.

Other parts of the world, had a huge gathering in tens of thousands without taking the precautionary measures as their government didnt enforce it.
The situations we are in are very different, worlds apart. Consider how many people come to the masjid for every sallah?
And for jumah, if we break them down the way we did the first pre lockdown Jumah in smaller groups.

4) “Religious freedom” (Maulana Bham)
We agree alhamdulilah, we have religious freedom. The freedom we fought for, freedom we are still paying for when our forefathers were taken from their farms and homes. We still waiting to return with some form on recompensation. How many Muslims funded the struggle, supported South Africa post Apartheid. So yes, we are aware of the religious freedom we fought for and are still paying for. The struggle Maulana is still very much real with informal settlements as old as Apartheid.

Part of that religious freedom, is our right to express our desire of opening our sacred masaajid to our honourable Ramaphosa and to take this matter to court.

Maulana, what law of Allah have we broken in exercising this right?
What law of South Africa have we violated in respectfully addressing a letter to the President?

5) We end off with the words of the paragon of Allah’s creation.

“From the perfection of a persons Islam, is his leaving what does not concern him” (Hadith)

Maulana, a letter was written and addressed to the President. Is it the teaching of our Prophet (Salallah Alayhi was salam) that when someone is spoken to or addressed, that another person should respond?

Let it not be said the Muslims of South Africa have the Nerve to respond to a letter addressed to the President before the President himself could answer.

Let us consult one another and work towards fostering the unity we so fondly speak about.

Let us flatten the nerve before we collectively flatten the curve

Was Salaam.
Ihsaan Abrahams (Maulana)
For Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape
078 930 50 53