Battle of Badr

In retrospect, Badr wasn’t an ordinary day in the lives of the Muslims but more importantly it was a display of Allahs nusrat (assistance). Such a display that left behind a deep rooted impression of Muhammed connection with his creator.

On the one side was an army with more than a 1000 fully equipped men, confident in their numbers and armed to the teeth. And on the other side was an army of 313 men and youth, ill equipped using sticks and broken down swords as weapons, 2 horses and 70 camels. Naturally viewing and weighing the odds the facts had to offer, concerns were stirred in the minds of the Sahaba (Radiullahu unhum). When the gase of the infidels were on their numbers and weapons, the focus of the Sahaba (Radiulahu unhum) and the Messenger of Allah (Salallah alayhi was salam) was on Allah.

“Remember when you all cried out for help from your creator and so you were answered thus: “Indeed, I will reinforce you with a thousand angels, rank after rank.” [Quraan 8:9]

Joining their ranks.

Besides the devastating amounts the devil himself Shaytaan came to assist them in the form of a human Suraaqa ibn Maalik ibn Ju’sham.

Ibn Abbas (Radiuallahu unhu) said:” Iblees came on the day of Badr bringing a troop of Devils with him. I saw him in the form of a man from the Banu Mudlij, in the form of Suraaqa ibn Maalik ibn Ju’sham. The Shaytaan said to the Mushrikeen: No one of the mandkind can overcome you today (day of Badr) and verily, I will be your protector………………”

And on the other side in response to the cry of the Sahaba (Radiuallahu anhum) and their steadfastness in protecting Allahs most beloved (Salallah alayhi was salam) Allah sent his army from the heavens to aid his army on earth.

Rabee ibn Anas said:” Allah aided the Muslims on the day of Badr with 1000 Angels, then he increased them with help, so they were 3000, then he increased them in help, so they were 5000” [FATHUL BARI, Al – Asqalani]

Amongst these angels were Jibraeel, Meekaeel and Israfeel (Alayhim salaam).

Infidelity of the heretics.

“And when Shaytaan made their deeds seemfair to them and said: No one of mandkind can conquer you today, for I am your protector. But when the armies came in sight of one another, he took flight, saying: LO! I am guiltless from you. LO! I see what you see not. LO! I fear Allah and Allah is severe in punishment.” [Quraan 8:48]

When the infidels witnessed the fruits of the Sahaba (Radiuallahum unhum) dua and the staggering amount of Angels. The very first to abandon his post was Shaytaan.

Ibn Abbas (Radiullahu unhu) said: “when Jibareel came to Shaytaan anad when he saw him, his hand was in the hand of one of the Mushrik men. Iblees pulled his hand away, turned and fled, he and his party. “The man said: O Suraaqa,did you not say you would protect us? He said:  Verily! I see what you do not see. Verily! I fear Allah for Allah is severe in punishment.”

When the Infidels saw saw their saviour fleeing from the scene, this caused another reason for panic.

Before the Sahaba (Radiuallahu unhum) clashed with them on the battle field their heads were severed from their shoulders and their noses from their face. They were devastated and shocked out of their wits as the events unfolded before them.

A non-Muslim survivor Abu Sufyan bin Haarith returned home and narrated the events of defeat to a man Abu Lahab. Abu Lahab was present on the battle but he sent a few of his men to fight. Abu Sufyan report emphasised the cause of defeat was the Angels. Word of this took to the streets like fire, Abu Lahab heard someone narrating these incidents with much rejoice, and unable to control himself he beat the man up.

These events thrust a deep rooted fear in the hearts of the enemies, 70 were killed and 70 captured. Those who could afford the ransom were set free whiles other who could not afford were set free. Many of them were humbled and this humility opened their passage to Islam.

This very situation is relevant to the condition the Muslim Ummah is facing. As Muslims we are out numbered and overpowered by superior weapons the same way the Muslims were at the battle of Badr. And we have the very same Allah serving us. Our focus should shift from the material aspects of this world to the only reality that matters and that is Allah! When we return to the methods adopted by the Sahaba (Radiuallahu unhum) then only will we attain the desired success.

The Prophet (Salallah alayhi was salam) said:” Islam started strange and very soon it will end strange.”

“We strike baatil with Haqq. Then it crushes the brains of Baatil” [QUR’AAN]