Bham, Karaan And squad


NOW that the heat is turned up and public has realized the hypocrites. They have rambled and scrambled together to use their media platforms to manipulate.

Why arnt they discussing with the senior ulama of the madaaris and recording it?

Why are they having a panel discussion with those who are on the same page as them?

They will come with the same old antic that Bham came with, just with greater detail.

We shall be listening closely and exposing the manipulations.

Remember :
1.the ulama are not confused regarding the threat of the virus, which we are sure they will harp about

2.the false love that they will show and pain that the musjids are closed should not be bought, all true lovers of the masaajid know that a person who loves the masjid will never fight for its closure.

3.The concept of standing out that they will bring and spotlight or bad light will be seeing only the surface and appeasing creation in the disobedience of the creator.

Most of the concepts brought will not really differ from what had been discussed already in these many posts.

The only difference will be it will be said with adornment of speech and victim playing with a false unity call.

We alert one and all to keep up ones guard and read into these tricks.

(source: ask gora mota)