Fake Uucsa’s Agenda To Capture Islam In SA

Heirs of the Prophets or Heirs of the Profits Hadhrat Fudhail Bin Iyaadh (Rahmatullah alayh)highlighting the evil of an Aalim who strikes up a relationship with the rulers, said: "He who performs only his Faraaidh (obligatory acts of ibaadat), but he who does not visit the king is superior to one who fasts by day, remains awake in ibaadat by night, wages Jihad and performs Hajj, but visits the king." Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape has … [Read more...]

Open letter to the United Ulama Council of South Africa (UUCSA).

(Please note, Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape is not the author of this letter) In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent & Most Merciful. Peace & Blessing on our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Re: Government’s New Risk Adjustment Strategy. I have read your most recent news letter with great enthusiasm and excitement. You began by stating how painfully saddened you were to witness the closure of our masjids. You expressed … [Read more...]

An Open Letter To Maulana Bham – ‘Flatten The Nerve’

A Open Letter to Maulana Bham Flatten the Nerve 16 Sha baan 1441 (9 April 2020) Assalaamu alaykum. Att. Maulana Ebrahim Bham After repetitive bombardment of a short audio clip making its rounds, we found it prudent to put things in perspective. Firstly, we would like to make it very clear. Nobody said disobey the lockdown. "Obey the lockdown maybe if we obey the lockdown the curve will flatten" (Maulana Bham) The letter was an … [Read more...]

Bham, Karaan And squad

THE BAATIL FRATERNITIES ATTEMPT OF JUSTIFICATION NOW that the heat is turned up and public has realized the hypocrites. They have rambled and scrambled together to use their media platforms to manipulate. Why arnt they discussing with the senior ulama of the madaaris and recording it? Why are they having a panel discussion with those who are on the same page as them? They will come with the same old antic that Bham came with, just with … [Read more...]

JUWC Burial Course

  Join us via whatsapp for a interactive Burial Course. Instructor: Maulana Yusuf Evans Saheb The course will detail some of the following procedures 1) What to do someone is possibly dying. 2) What to do after a person has died (who to contact and all legal procedures) 3) Special burial cases (disfigured accidents, still born, COVID 19 and Aids) 4) What is expected from family, neighbours and friends. 5) Deceased  … [Read more...]

Breaking News – First Muslim to die of Corona

Assalaamu alaykum. Maulana Tootla from Durban Stanger has passed on, Ina lilaahi wa ina ilayhi rajioen (Verily from Allah do we come and to Allah do we return) May Allah put Noor (light) in Maulana Qabr and grant Maulana the reward like that of a Martyr May Allah put sabr in the hearts of the family, friends and neighbours. It has been confirmed on good authority that Maulana hass passed on from the corona virus, making Maulana the … [Read more...]

Breaking News – Breaking News – Breaking News

Heirs of the Prophets or Heir of the Profits Breaking News Holy Crooks Holy Frauds TNK Attorney's Lawyer Fazloodien Abrahams has confirmed Faseeg Adams arrest yesterday (Friday). According to a reliable source he was arrested at the Cell C Claremont store for taking fraudulent loans. It is alleged that these are the monies used to pay back some holy senior victims who was expected to leave for the Holy Cities of the 25 December … [Read more...]

The Holy City’s Crooks

Heirs of the Prophets or Heirs of the Profits Updates on the Holy Crooks Faseeg Adams and his Media Partner Qarie Ahmed Saeed. Not to long ago (25 December 2019) Faseeg Adams and his fake selected Darul Ulama whatsapp members and their surrogate organisation Madrasatul Uloom frauded pilgrims of their hard earned halaal monies. Unable to account for the monies and make the payment he resorted to yet another crime (fraud) to replace the hard … [Read more...]

Al-Jamaa’ah Exposed

  Kindly click on the below link to view pdf article regarding Al-Jamaa'ah Shi'a Agents   Al-Jama ah Shia Agents … [Read more...]

Shia Sulaimani – An Enemy Of Islaam!

  Kindly click on the following file to view PDF ISSUED BY: JAMIATUL ULAMA WESTERN CAPE Soleimani enemy of Islam … [Read more...]