Removing unwanted hair while fasting

Question: Is it permissible to remove unwanted hair/clip nails whilst fasting? Will it make the fast makrooh or break the fast? Answer: Removing unwanted hair or clipping the nails do not cause the fast to become Makrooh nor does it invalidate the fast. And Allah Knows Best Mufti Suhail Tarmahomed Fatwa Department Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) Council of Muslim Theologians … [Read more...]

Fasting In Regions Where the Days Are Lengthy

Question What is the ruling of keeping Ramadaan fasts in regions where the days are lengthy? What if the day stretches to 17 hours? Are we still to fast? What about the elderly and weak? How would the people living in regions of the far north fast, because the daylight can extend up to 6 months there? Answer Clear texts appear in the Qur-aan and Hadeeths regarding the time stipulations of fasting, that it certainly begins from sun rise and ends … [Read more...]

Fasting on Miraaj day – 27 Rajab

Question: Some people believe that the 27th Rajab is a highly blessed night which they called ‘laylat al-mab‘ath’. They claim that it is recommended to have Ghusl (bath) on this day and to observe sawm (fasting). This day is one of the four days that are specified for highly recommended fasting during the whole year. The reward of observing fasting on this day is mentioned to be equal to seventy years fasting. Is this saheeh? Answer: Praise be … [Read more...]

Ruling on Fasting in Rajab

Question: I have heard that one must fast on the following days of Rajab, 1st day of Rajab; 1st Friday night (Thursday night in Islam) Night of Wishes; on the 15th day of Rajab; on the 27th Mi’raaj Night; and on the 30th day of Rajab. Is this sunnah or bid‘ah? Answer: There is no saheeh report from the Prophet (Sallallaahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam) or from the Sahaabah to indicate that there is any particular virtue in fasting during Rajab. The … [Read more...]