Opening A New Masjid

  Question: How should the Sunnah ceremony be when opening a new Masjid?  Answer: There is no ceremony when opening a Masjid. Opening ceremonies are practices of the kuffaar. They are furthermore, practices of ostentation (riya), pride (takabbur) and waste (israaf). A Masjid’s only opening ‘ceremony’ is the Athaan and the Salaat, nothing more. … [Read more...]

Ruling on Faith Healing in Islam

Question: Some people claim that they have supernatural abilities to cure people without medical intervention – imposing of hands, reading any prayers. I know the woman who claims that she be able to heal people imposing of hands. What does our religion (Islam) say about it? Answer: Allah has made this world such that whilst He alone is the controller of everything and everything revolves around His will, we are required to adopt the means to … [Read more...]