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The Jamiatul-Ulama Western Cape endeavours to protect the Teachings, Laws and Rules of the Shari’at.

In current times, the forces of Baatil and the modern Ulama have increased, hence, our mission is to present the Deen to the masses in its Prsitine Purity.

We disassociate ourselves from all Baatil forces, Ahl-e-Baatil and the Ulama-e-Baatil and join ourselves with every Aalim/Mufti of the Haq.

We urge one and all to remember us in your pious humble Du’as.


Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape


Branch Code:  198765

Zakaat Account Number:  2010789571

Lillah Account Number: 2010789563



Sunday, 14 April 2024
Saturday, 04 Shawwal 1445

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