The Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape has been, over the years, inundated with reports of bogus collectors. The Jamiat has also found many various bogus collectors over the years. As such, we started some investigations into this serious matter.

Herewith is one of the findings. Jazakallah Khair to all those assisting us in weeding out these bogus collectors.





Why politicians and doctors keep ignoring the medical research on Vitamin D and Covid
By Jonathan Cook
It is probably not a good idea to write while in the grip of anger. But I am struggling to suppress my emotions about a wasted year, during which politicians and many doctors have ignored a growing body of evidence suggesting that Vitamin D can play a critically important role in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.
It is time to speak out forcefully now that a new, large-scale Spanish study demonstrates not a just a correlation but a causal relationship between high-dose Vitamin D treatment of hospitalised Covid patients and significantly improved outcomes for their health.
The pre-print paper in the Lancet shows there was an 80 per cent reduction in admission to intensive care units among hospitalised patients who were treated with large doses of Vitamin D, and a 64 per cent

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Our creed has stemmed from Ebrahim Alaihi salaam who was completely clear when it came to his stance on beliefs which contradicted the one'ss of Allah
"Indeed there has been an excellent example for you in Ibrahim and those with him, when they said to their people: “Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides God, we have rejected you, and there has started between us and you, hostility and hatred forever, until you believe in God Alone.” [60:4].
Despite this being his own nation and his family as well he had the outstanding quality of hatred only for the sake of Allah.
He didn't say that he should maybe accommodate these beliefs for his own "Maslihat" or to bring them with tact. He spoke out the truth clearly and Allah is commanding us to take cue from him.
A farmer once watched a rooster from afar, he felt jealousy burning in his heart due to the majestic feathers and crown of the rooster and felt annoyed at the roosters confidence.
He thus connived a plan to strip the rooster of all glory.
He therefore summoned the Rooster and with knife in hand commanded the rooster to stop crowing in the morning, the rooster felt to itself that


 Masks and the False Arguments
A response to people who use the classic fallacious argument, "Well, if masks don't work, then why do surgeons wear them?"
I'm a surgeon that has performed over 10,000 surgical procedures wearing a surgical mask. However, that fact alone doesn't really qualify me as an expert on the matter. More importantly, I am a former editor of a medical journal. I know how to read the medical literature, distinguish good science from bad, and fact from fiction. Believe me, the medical literature is filled with bad fiction masquerading as medical science. It is very easy to be deceived by bad science.
Since the beginning of the pandemic I've read hundreds of studies on the science of medical masks. Based on extensive review and analysis, there is no question in my mind that healthy people should not be wearing surgical or cloth masks. Nor should we be recommending universal masking of all members of the population. That recommendation is not supported by

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