Moon sighting

On seeing the new moon, the Prophet (Salallah Alayhi was salam) would supplicate: Allah, do thou cause the appearance of this moon to be a harbinger of peace, faith, security and Islam for us. Thy Creator, O moon, and mine is Allah.  May this moon be a herald of guidance and good?  (Mishkat Al Masabih)  

This was the practice of the Prophet (Salallah Alayhi was salam) and those who loved him, not only were they meticulous in the selection of words but they also meticulously practiced it.

To most of us the Moon is a symbol of adornment and beautification but we are unmindful that the moon can signify the adverse. It could also signify misguidance, destruction and bad. Hence the need of the Prophet (Salallah Alayhi was salam) to seek the protection from all these evils and request for best the Moon has to signify.

But what is the plight of this Ummah when we are not only unmindful of this dua but by our behaviour and action we are inviting and asking for the very opposite that the Prophet Salallah Alayhi was salam) asked for. Is it not the ritual of the Satanist when they go Moon sighting to make sacrifices accompanied by zina etc.? Are we as Muslims not complicit with this very behaviour when we are witnessing the Moon?  Are we not sacrificing the teachings (Sunnah) of the Prophet (Salallah Alayhi was salam) when we abandon it, making a merrymaking extravaganza?

When women are encouraged to leave the comfort of their homes to enter a mix gathering of men and women. Youngsters see this noble act of moon sighting as an opportunity to gather in groups  wearing lewd clothing, awrah being open, adopting the way of the kufaar and breaking away from the mass zina gathering to explore aggravating the wrath Of Allah by kissing and fornicating. Where are the parents of this Youth? And what is the connection of this satanic moon sighting ritual to the noble way of our beloved Prophet (Salallah alayhi was salam) and those who chose to follow his way.

“And say to the believing women, that they should cast down their gaze and guard their modesty, that they should not display their ornaments except what (should ordinarily) appear thereof, that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands…!  And they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And, O you believers! Turn you all together towards Allah, that you ay attain bliss.” (Surah Nur verse 31)

What impression of Dawah does this leave behind for the no Muslims when they witness the Muslims behaving in this barbaric manner? Shouting, screaming and pressing the hooters. Is this not confirming what the world already think of us? When these non-Muslims witness the shouting and un-Islamic clapping of hands when the moon is sighted, could they be thinking are these people happy that Ramadaan has left, shouldn’t they be sad?. The very month they claim to be the blessed month of the Qura’n. Do they celebrate in the same way when the blessed moth starts? And when the moon is not sighted they are sad and very quickly disperse home in disappointment. Is this not a contradiction?

Moon sighting quiz

  1. Was this the way Sahaba (Radiuallahu unhum) sighted the Moon?
  2. Will the organisers of this event be rewarded for arranging a mass event of sin?
  3. Where were these people when the moon was sighted at the beginning of Ramadaan?
  4. Where are these people throughout the year when the moon is being sighted?
  5. Have we memorised the dua for moon sighting and if we did do create the opportunity to practice it?
  6. What is the conditions of the Muslims who see the wrong but does nothing to prevent their fellow brother from such evil?
  7. Whose brand of Islam are we teaching the non-Muslims?

Luqmaan’s (Alayhi Salaam) advice to his son

“O my son! Perform sallah, encourage people to do good and forbid them from all evil” i.e with your hand, with your tongue, and if you are unable to then with your heart. Then he advised him to observe patience, saying: “and bear with patience whatever befalls you,” for enjoining good and forbidding evil will probably earn you enmity from the people who resent being corrected (but the final reward from Allah will surely be yours)

Verily, these are some of the importanat commandments ordered by Allah with no exception”

May Allah protect us all from the challenging times facing us.