Mr Al-Asi Shia (Jointly Written Article)


Love for the Sahaabah which is an important part of Imaan constrains every Mu’min to oppose and speak against the Shias.

It is with this enthusiasm that every Muslim will oppose the Kuffaar, the worst of them being the Shias.

In this regard, it has been observed that Shias, the pro-Shias, their sympathizers and the modernists are every now and again coming up with a new trick to create the false impression that Shias are Muslims. It should be well understood that the Shiah are kuffaar!

So, in order to achieve their satanic objectives, they (i.e. the promoters and defenders of Shiism) invite foreign lecturers (who display a history of being pro-Shia, but pretend not to be Shias) for silly tours and lectures.

The latest is the promotion of Murtad Al Asi of USA. The true colours of Al-Asi is understood from the following:

1. Al-Asi degrades and mocks the Sahaabah, yet the organizers (of his tour) promote Al-Asi. They have no skin on their faces. Mocking and degrading the Sahaabah is in fact degrading Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. This is enough to understand their true colours!

When Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam commanded us to fear Allah with regards to his Sahaabah Radhiyallahu Anhum (i.e. not to make them targets of abuse), we find Shias pretending to be Muslims doing exactly the opposite.

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam explicitly stated that we should not make the Sahaabah targets of criticism and ridicule, but Al-Asi makes jokes of the Sahaabah. He belittles Hazrat Abu Hurairah Radhiyallahu Anhu for example.

2. If Al Asi is a Muslim, then why are the Shias promoting him? His lectures and books are on Shia websites.

3. Why did Al Asi have a program at the Shia complex in Cape Town for two hours on 15 September 2019???

A “Muslim” fraternizing, laughing and having meals with the Shias!?

A “Muslim” enjoying himself and being hosted and promoted by the group of SA Shias known as Afosa? Is it possible for a “Muslim” to even smile with Shia Aftab Haider who hates the Sahaabah?

4. Al Asi is promoting unity between Shias and Muslims. There is simply no unity with people who even find fault with Allah! Nauthubillah.

5. Al Asi was a speaker at Masjidul Quds. It is a well-known fact that the trustees of this ‘Masjid’ give Shiahs a forum to speak.

The above suffices to expose the Al Asi as a Shia. Thus, we have to be very careful of those promoting him.

In this regard, the following groups, places, entities, etc. are promoting him. Stay far away from them for the safety of your Imaan:

1. Zinatul Islam Muir Street – Cape Town

2. Masjidul Quds – the president of the trustees is ‘MK’ (Mahmud Khatieb). Why is MK allowing Shias to speak at his Masjid if MK is still a lover of the Sahaabah?

3. Voice of the Cape

4. The Claremont people who have their own ‘Mosque’ which is more like a temple.

5. Al-Furqan Cape Town

6. Masjid Abu Bakr – Erasmia. (How do you call your Masjid with the name of Hazrat Abu Bakr Radhiyallahu Anhu, yet you promote a Shia!?)

7. Madina Institute

8. Media Review Network. Why are they promoting the so-called Tafseer of Al Asi???

9. Islamia College.

Whilst we do expect the Kaafir Shia so-called Ahlul Bayt Centres and the Kuffaar Universities (they promoted the Kaafirah Amina Wadud & now the Shia Al-Asi) to promote the Pro-Shias, Muslims should be wary of the many others who are pretending to be Muslim.

We love the Sahaabah and anyone promoting any Shia will be thoroughly exposed. So take heed. The Ulama e Haq don’t fear shadows.

“And we fling the Haqq on Baatil. Then it smashes its (Baatil’s) brains. Then suddenly, it (baatil) vanishes.” (Qur’aan)

May Allah grant us a beautiful Maut upon Imaan and May Allah save us from the Fitnah of the Shias and their promoters, symphatizers and defenders. Aameen


Issued by:

Endorsed by:

1. Jamiatul Ulama Johannesburg

2. Custodians of the Haq

3. Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape