No Frown When People Were Sinning

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Once Allah Azza Wa Jal commanded Hadhrat Jibraeel Alayhis salaam to destroy a certain city. Hadhrat Jibraeel Alayhis salaam pleaded: “O Allah, in that city there is such a pious man who had never disobeyed you for even a second.”

Allah Ta’ala ordered: “Destroy him along with all the other inhabitants of the city. There never developed even a frown on his face for My Sake when he would see the people indulging in sin and crime. He is also among the criminals.”

The Ulama who freely mingle with flagrant transgressors, answering their invitations and consuming their food, should take lesson from this episode. Association with the flagrantly disobedient ones produces a desensitization which makes one impervious to the sins and transgressions one observes. It is for this reason that Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wasallam said: “He who maintains silent regarding the Haq (when it is suppressed), is a dumb Shaitaan.”

The silence of the Ulama in this age is of this category. They belong to the class of ‘pious’ persons who deserve to be obliterated by Divine Punishment.

(Source: Awake 2009, page 57)

Comment: This should be an adequate eye-opener for the modern Ulama who are in the process of westernizing the Shari’ah by calling women to the Masjid, appearing on the channel of their engineer – Iblees TV, allowing women to speak in alluring tones on their un-Islamic Radio stations, allowing women to drive, boot-licking the Bidatis, scoffing the Ulama-e-Haq, legalizing so-called ‘Islamic’ banking system which is nothing but Riba (interest) camouflaged in other names to hoodwink the laymen, totally abandoning the great Duty of Nahi anil Munkar (forbidding evil) in the community, attending weddings, legalizing carrion chickens which are totally Haraam by certifying them as ‘Halaal’, and the list goes on and on.