Open letter to the United Ulama Council of South Africa (UUCSA).

(Please note, Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape is not the author of this letter)

In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent & Most Merciful.

Peace & Blessing on our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

Re: Government’s New Risk Adjustment Strategy.

I have read your most recent news letter with great enthusiasm and excitement.

You began by stating how painfully saddened you were to witness the closure of our masjids. You expressed sadness and longing for the spirit of togetherness that the congregational prayer evokes in the masjid, especially during the month of Ramadan. Subhanallah. It was very touching and beautifully prosed.

You then went on to say that UUCSA endeavours to work with government for the return to congregational worship for our community. Alhamdullilah, what a noble desire and that you will be engaging soon at a national level, with amongst others, the Minister of Health in this regard. Mashallah.

You further state that UUCSA notes the judgement handed down by the High court of South Africa, on the 30th April 2020. In this case you were proudly admitted as so called “friends” of the court ( Amicus Cure).

This case was introduced by two individuals and an institution against the state. It’s purpose to declare unconstitutional certain provisions of the lockdown regulations. Insofar, as it relates to congregational worship. The application was sadly dismissed.

You go on to say that there can be nothing but sadness in your hearts at the ongoing closures of our Masjids, due to the Covid Pandemic. Allahuakbar.

My excitement and enthusiasm was short lived.
I had to reread the above narrative a few times.

To my surprise and disappointment I realised, that despite the sadness you openly expressed regarding the essence of congregational prayer and opening of mosques, you actually assisted the courts in STOPPING the congregational prayers, opening of mosques and supported its criminalisation Nauzubillah.

Why is it that UUCSA developed amnesia in a day? You, assisted the state in stopping the opening of mosques and supported its criminalisation, and now a day later you are waxing lyrically about opening mosques.

Who could do that? who could behave in such a fashion?

Allahuakbar, the answer came to me in ayah 142 Sura An-Nisa, wherein Allah says “The Hypocrites seek to deceive Allah, but it is Allah who deceived them.” And in ayah 145 Sura An- Nisa Allah says “ surely the Hypocrites (will be) in the lowest depths of the fire and you will not find for them any helper.”

Let us understand your role in the closure of the mosques:-

1. When an attorney wrote to the President, wherein he exercised his client’s democratic right with regards to requesting relaxations to rules surrounding congregational prayer in a mosque, UUCSA and its ilk fired off a salvo of letters instructing the president not to accede to any request being made.

I ask then, why did UUCSA and its ilk choose to do that?
Does the president and his advisors not have the mental faculties to asses the request? Does UUCSA and its ilk believe that it is more Intelligent and wise then all the presidents men? I doubt it.

2. When UUCSA heard that there was going to be a court Challenge against the state regarding the lockdown regulations, you and your ilk once again reared your heads to become so called “friends” of the court (You were in fact friends of the state)

Even after a senior member of the legal fraternity requested a member from Jamiaat Ulama South Africa / UUCSA to abstain from opposing the action and let the court decide, UUCSA refused.

UUCSA felt that it was their obligation to oppose a fellow Muslim Brother who was simply requesting leniency on regulations regarding congregational prayers and attendance at mosques.

UUCSA even refused to support the request for minimum congregational prayer with 4 people. Nauzubillah, Allah Says in Surah Al- Baqara verse 114 “And who are more unjust than those who bar from the mosques of Allah that his name should be remembered”.

This behaviour from UUCSA and its ilk begs the question: Who are you actually representing?

It appears as if UUCSA wishes to position themselves as the gatekeepers of the Muslim Umah of South Africa. No matter concerning the Muslim Community can or can’t happen without your approval. Nauzubillah

UUCSA and its ilk have, on numerous occasions, shown their true colours. If they have to choose between the Mumin and the nasarah they will without a doubt side with the nasarah. There are many instances which prove this. Allah says in Surah An-Nisa ayah 144 “O you who believe! Take not the unbelievers as friends instead of the believers. Do you desire to give Allah a clear Warrent against you “

You, UUCSA, and all of your ilk should hang your heads in shame. Your nafs and egos have brought upon the muslim ummah a shame which cannot be undone.

You will be remembered throughout history for your hypocrisy and your insistence on going against your fellow Muslim Brothers.

I humbly make dua that the Almighty Grant you and your ilk hidiyat and a clean heart. Allah Knows best.

2 May 2020
Unsigned just like how you taught the UMMAH to do so on many occasions in your letters because of your hypocrisy