Poem On The Closing Of The Masaajid Amid Coronavirus

Heirs of the Prophets or Heirs of the Profits

Ramaphosa spoke ,and the imaams have awoke ,now they want to revoke our rights to invoke ,they following a hoax insisting it’s not a joke but they not prepared to be broke .

Corona has arrived, imaan supposed to be revived, instead we are being deprived by those who claim to be keeping us alive ,they took a dive into shaytaan’s hive
Now they flex their muscle ,putting musalee’s in a tussle whilst the markets are a bustle

100 is your limit to reach, was this ever in the PROPHET (S.A.W) speech ? ,who is checking the beach to make sure the limit is not breached ?

Busses are rolling, people in the streets are strolling, yet in the masjid you are curtailing when you supposed to be wailing

Clubs and pubs are overflowing yet feet to the masjid you are slowing ,you are showing that behind shaytaan you are going

Corona hasn’t reached our shore (ec) and yet you already shut the masjid door ,our heads belong on that floor but you want that no more

Corona might be here , have you forgotten that ALLAH IS ALWAYS NEAR ?
If you call HE will hear ,if you tear he will steer you clear or the virus which you fear.

If you block ,like a rock ,the musalee who wants to knock ,on the HIS door ,in order to please the kufaar law ,mercy for you will be no more that’s for sure

(Author anonymous) May Allah reward the brother or Sister.