Qualities When Befriending

Imaam Ghazaali (rahmatullah alayh) mentions five qualities which should be searched for before befriending a person. These are:

1. Intelligence. If a person lacks intelligence, he should never be befriended. There is no benefit in such friendship. In fact, the friendship of an ignorant person will prove dangerous, destructive and bring heartache in the process.

2. Good moral character. An evil character eclipses a man’s

3. Piety. The friend chosen should not be a faasiq. A man who has no fear for Allah Ta’ala cannot be relied on. He will involve his friend in disaster and betray him.

4. He should not be a bid’ati. Association with a bid’ati will incline one towards bid’ah and water down one’s opposition to this evil. The calamity and misfortune of bid’ah are contagious.

5. He should not have greed for worldly wealth. The company of a man of greed is a fatal poison.