The Angels Of Mercy


The Malaaikah of Rahmat (Mercy) are the constant companions of the Mu’mineen who have adopted the attributes of Taqwa and Tahaarat.

Taqwa is spiritual purity which is acquired by abstention from sin and futility, and by meticulous observance of the Shariah’s commands.

Tahaarat is physical purity which is acquired by Ghusl, Wudhu and cleanliness.

The Malaaikah of Rahmat frequent the homes of the Mu’mineen. However, there are factors which debar the Malaaikah from entering the home of a Mu’min. Among the acts which prevent the Malaaikah from visiting our homes are the following:

dogs, pictures of people and animals, being in the state of Janaabat, musical instruments, urine in a container, and the presence of bare-headed women.