The Holy City’s Crooks

Heirs of the Prophets or Heirs of the Profits

Updates on the Holy Crooks

Faseeg Adams and his Media Partner Qarie Ahmed Saeed.

Not to long ago (25 December 2019) Faseeg Adams and his fake selected Darul Ulama whatsapp members and their surrogate organisation Madrasatul Uloom frauded pilgrims of their hard earned halaal monies.
Unable to account for the monies and make the payment he resorted to yet another crime (fraud) to replace the hard earned halaal monies with monies he acquired fraudulently.

Faseeg Adams accompanied by a female by the name of Amina (likely to be his wife as they share the same name) and another gentleman (unknown, likely to be a friend, crook who takes people monies to sort out their fines and run away) entered a Cell C shop in the Claremont (Cape Town) area with the intent of buying elaborate phones to the value of up to R50 000.

Initially, Faseeg was not present in the shop, when the witty employees noticed improprieties with the paperwork they requested for the applicant to come into the shop. It was at that moment that they recognised Faseeg Adams and confirmed it was him with one of the newspapers they had instore.

Subsequent to that the store manager called the police and he was advised to lock the doors and keep them indoors till the police arrived and they did exactly that.
Doing so the Cell C store owner and his employees have done a stella job of nabbing these crooks as they allegedly did the same thing in recently in Durban (Springfield Mall). The police would do well to follow up with Mr. Price and other Cell phone outlets in that area.

After releasing our red flag notice of the “imam on the run” in Durban last month. Curry Ahmed Saeed from Lenasia (Faseeg Media Partner) contacted the Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape informing us that they bought phones with the intent of selling them and paying back the victims from whom they stole. None of this made sense at the time

In one of the follow up call’s from the Curry Saeed the now Media Partner of The Holy Crooks Faseeg Adams and his partners in crime, it was claimed that someone had donated the monies to Faseeg Adams to pay back the monies or So the Curry reported.

Meanwhile, Media Partner Currie Saeed attempts to deflect the masses attention with baseless lies and fabrications of the Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape being bogus collectors. In his mind a suitable punishment for exposing serial fraudsters like Faseeg and company. For years such fraudsters have been getting away with the help of people like Curry Saeed.

Alhamdulilah, Allah has mysterious methods at exposing these liars and their Media Partners (Curry Saeed). All their shoddy business and improprieties will gradually surface, a sign of repentance not accepted.

With just another failed attempt from Faseeg Adams and Media Partner Curry Saeed flouting the law and defeating the ends of justice we hope this serves as a good starter to what has to follow.

May Allah expose all the frauds, bogus collectors usurping the funds intended for the poor and destitute.

For Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape

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