The Mass Iftaars (Jointly Written Article)

A New Trend Amongst Muslims 

We have learnt of this new trend which has crept in the Muslim Community.

The ‘Mass Iftaars’ are something alien to Islam, the Sunnah and Ramadhaan.

The organizers call upon the youth (and women) of the community to attend their Haraam ‘Mass Iftaar’, and to bring along their Musallahs and – of course – food.

These types of events are impermissible due to the following reasons:

1. Never did Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam organize or encourage such events.

2. No Sahaabi organized such events.

3. No great Imaam of our Deen organized such events.

4. No Fiqh Kitaab mentions any Deeni merits for such events.

5. No Akaabir organized such events.

6. The participants of such mass Iftaars are depriving themselves of Salaah with Jamaat in the Masjid.

7. The respect for Salaah with Jamaat in the Masjid is removed from the hearts of the participants of such events since the mass Iftaars are held at schools and sport-fields.


Worse than the above is that community which calls upon our Muslim sisters to gather at a sports-field for a Haraam sisters’ Iftaar.

This is Haraam for the following reasons:

1. Women are called out of their homes. The Quran Majeed commands them to remain glued to their homes.

2. Some, if not all women will drive to the venue. Too many Laws of Hijaab are violated when women drive – even if they wear a ‘Niqaab’! Nabi Sallallahu alaIhi wasallam said, “Allah curses women on saddles.” In our times, this applies to women in the driver’s seat. It is Haraam for women to drive cars and ride animals.

3. Women will be away from their homes during Maghrib time – a time in which they are supposed to be in their homes.

4. Women will go on an Abaya parade – they’ll wear Abayas because it is Ramadhaan! – They will strut around these Haraam venues boasting and bragging with the latest styles and fashion. Each trying to outdo the others. Thus, they will leave this Haraam event bloated with pride.

5. Women will be seen on roads and streets – either going to or returning from the Haraam event, whereas they are supposed to remain concealed in their homes.

6. Would Hazrat Aisha or Fatimah Radhiyallahu anhuma have consented to or attended such events?

The Ulama of the towns in which these ‘Mass Iftaars’ are taking place should speak out and discourage the Ummah from participating.

Sadly, Ulama who are among the organizers of such events should hang their heads in shame for disgracing the Sunnah Iftaar and our Deen!

The Time Before Iftaar

From the Hadith we learn that the fasting person’s Du’a is accepted. Therefore, during the last moments before Iftaar, we are supposed to exert ourselves in Infiraadi (individual) Zikr and Du’a, and not gather at school-grounds and sports-fields for Iftaar, thereby depriving ourselves and losing the golden opportunity of Qubooliyat (acceptance) of Du’as.

Sunnah Iftaar

The Sunnah Iftaar is to partake of dates and water and NOT with savouries, juices, milkshakes etc. as will be the case at the mass Iftaars.

Nabi Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said, “When one of you breaks his fast, then let him do so with dates, for there is divine blessing in it. If dates are not available, break your fast with water, as it is pure.” (Tirmizi)

The gluttonous participants at these ‘Mass Iftaars’ will be feasting on savouries, shakes and juices, thereby totally abandoning the glowing Sunnah of Iftaar!



1. Jamiatul Ulama Johannesburg

2. Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape

3. Jamiatul Ulama Northern Cape

4. Custodians of the Haq