The Real Hafiz – Advice By: Hazratjee Moulana Maseehullah

During one of the Majaalis of Hazratjee Moulana Maseehullah (Rahmatullahi alaih), someone recited an Aayat, thereafter the following follows:

I am not a hafiz. However, what should the reaction of a hafiz be when he hears these few phrases? A proper hafiz ‐ not a “Ramadhani” hafiz, who is somebody else ‐ a proper hafiz will immediately recite to himself what precedes and what follows these few phrases.

The reaction of an alim hafiz is different. (An alim hafiz is one who is an alim as well as a hafiz). Instead of merely reciting the preceding and following sections, the meaning of these phrases also immediately run through his mind.
He identifies and translates the ayet immediately, and tells himself, “Aha! This is what is meant.” This is a real hafiz. So, what is a “Ramadhani” hafiz? Well, he is somebody who waits for Ramadhan to approach, and in the preceding months of Rajab and Shaban he hastily prepares himself to recite the Qur’an shareef in Ramadhan. He then sits back till the following Ramadhan.

I am giving a lesson. There may be a hafiz or two who have come here and, very daringly, are sitting here. So, listen carefully: A hafiz who has the time and opportunity should recite at least one manzil of the Qur’an shareef daily, i.e. one ‐ seventh of the Qur’an shareef. If he cannot manage one manzil, he should recite at least two paras daily.