The Rebellion

Asalaamu alaykum.

Mufti Sahib,

Please find attached a video circulating. This video has disco music as its background and video taping of females and many other matters of concern.

When coming to Cape Town for 40 days,  Parkwood Masjid is one of the Masjid we go to.
There are so many Ulama in that area that we have met. How is this mass iftaar, and all its haraam done at the Masjid, in an area where there are so many Ulama.
My wife an I met with the imaam of the Masjid when we were on Haj. Please comment on this?

A name ml. Ismail Tofie is mentioned as a contact person. Is he a member of Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape?

Our Comment

Wa alaykum salaam.

Video recording has almost become the order of the day, despite its prohibition in Islam. Liberal and modern Ulama has rubber stamped this and “made it halaal”.

The current President of the Munaafiq Judicial Council(MJC) Sheikh Irfaan Abrahams had some several years back posters in his Masjid clearly stating no pictures should be taken.

We have dwindled into the gutters and are currently bathing with the rats. But this is how Allah expose them with their haraam.

This same Sheikh Irfaan was once again caught with a kaafir besides him (no imaan, no khusul, no wudu) at one of these mass iftaar held in Bo kaap (Cape Town).

They following the leadership of the MJC.

This so called Maulana by the name of Ismail Toffie, we dont know him and neither is he a member of JUWC.
You are likely to find him as a member of The MJC.

How Ulama can endorse such events is beyond us.

The Prophet (salallah alayhi wa Salam) has warned us of the misguided imams (Ulama).
The scholars for Dollars

1) These events are nothing but riyaa an naas (show off)
To show donors and the people of the area the “Masjid” is kept alive. The committee is doing their job, the imaam is doing his job.

We have dubbed this donor worshipping

2) Iftaar, is meant for the breaking of the fast for Muslims. At this event Muslims are donating hoping to receive the reward of feeding fasting people. Yet, a open invitation is given to non Muslims to attend.

Ask  molvi Ismail if the reward is the same of feeding a fasting person or feeding non Muslims at this time of iftaar?

Ask the molvi how many people accepted Islam?

How many people approached him and enquired about Islam?

Darul Uloom are sadly, producing collectors and not Ulama!

3) Iftaar, is to be done inside the Masjid not on the outside in the street. Where is this new trend coming from?

4) Breaking of fast should be done by either dates or water. Following the breaking of fast Salalah should commence. Instead, a feast is arranged in such a way that sallah is delayed at length and stomachs burdended with other than water and dates.

How many broke their fast with dates and water?

Or did they grab the samosas and pies?

How many Muslims were there but did not make Maghrib Sallah?

With the amount they boast of, the Masjid should have been packed.

4) Music, which is absolutely haraam. In Ramadaan of all months, their haraam marketing video has music in the back ground. Was this to attract the crowd?

Did they fear not getting enough Muslims for iftaar so they invited non Muslims playing the numbers game.

6) Mixing of genders. Men and women freely working alongside each other. Exchanging items, laughing and talking.

Allah says: And do not come close to Zina

They create the platform of Zina. Where teenage boys and girls are found sitting next to each other giggling. Allah knows best what followed after breaking of fast. Where they concerned  about making Maghrib or did they continue playing.

7) Inconvenience, these roads were made for driving not for sitting and eating and showing the world  materlistic success. In the sight of Allah, this amounts to failure.

Islam teaches us that even the road has its haq. Whether permission was requested or not, it remains an inconvenience as the house of Allah is now emptied and the streets are blocked creating inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians.

8) Every night masaajid are open for iftar/boeka, despite the open invitation members of the Muslim community  are allergic to attending the Masjid and suddenly a fever is cultivated for such activity that was meant to maintain brotherhood in Islam is now used to to solicit the aid of ignorant donors and fan popularity.

Madaaris/Madressa and committee members are all hoping for free publicity, so their names may be mentioned in the newspapers, donor recognition and video clips can circulate on social media.

If Muslims are sincere in feeding the poor, send your funds to the Masaajid so they may keep the Masjid alive and not the streets.

With regards to the imaam of the Masjid Maulana Dawood Sampson, we are uncertain whether Maulana  was involved or not.

Or if Maulana has voiced his disapproval from the mimbar as Maulana don’t lack in courage of speaking from the mimbar. We will endeavour to consult Maulana about his involvement.

Ulama who organize these events should be flunged with rocks on their heads till such a time the regain consciousness, as the dollars has stunned their brains. Regarding the ordinary masses they should be educated with true love for Quraan, such love that is expressed and shown  by following the teachings of Quraan by actions. In this way and this way only is real dawah displayed and unwanted groups like the Shia’s are kept at bay.

May Allah grant us all courage to practice the truth when it reaches us.

Was salaam