The Reward Of Ikhlaas

On an extremely cold day the entire wilderness was white with snow and ice. Hadhrat Zunnun Misri (rahmatullah alayh) saw a Jewish monk scattering some seeds.
Zunnun: “What are you doing?”
Monk: “Today the ground is covered with ice. I am scattering the seeds for the birds. Perhaps Allah will grant me its reward.”
Zunnun: “The seeds of an alien (i.e. a kaafir) are unacceptable in Allah’s Court.”
Monk: “Be it so. Allah sees what I am doing. This suffices for me.”

Sometime thereafter during the days of Hajj, Hadhrat Zunnun (rahmatullah alayh), was astonished to see the same monk making tawaaf of the Ka’bah with considerable devotion. Looking at Zunnun, the Monk said: “See how rewarding was my scattering of seeds.”

Hadhrat Zunnun (rahmatullah alayh) supplicated: “O Allah! In return for a few seeds you bestowed this treasure (of Imaan) to the Jew who was engrossed in kufr for 40 years.” A Voice responded: “I do as I please.”