Un-Islamic Guidelines For The Reopening Of The Masaajid

To the Trustees and Imams of Masajid who are keeping Masjid closed or making it difficult for Musallis…

If you have not realised by now, we are all tasting an Azaab, a Punishment from Allah Ta’ala.

It is affecting EVERYONE. And it’s going to get worse, if we do not turn Back to Allah Ta’ala and His Deen.

Every Individual, including you, will taste of it.

If you haven’t the knowledge, please learn now…..The very place you are holding closed or making it difficult to enter, is part of THE SOLUTION to All our difficulties.

Our Beloved Rasool sallalahualaihiwasallam would hasten to the Masjid even when there was a change in the wind!!!

There are people who realise this and want to return to the House of Allah Ta’ala. YOU are the obstacle!

In other words, YOU are the OBSTACLE in saving the Ummah in these difficult times.

Please reflect on your actions. If you feel that the Responsibility is too great or onerous then hand over the responsibility to someone who is able to. But do not be the Obstacle.

Yes! The Government has put up oppressive, unreasonable regulations. Yes! The task at hand demands a lot.

But since when that has stopped you?
You did find ways and means in your Businesses and other parts of your lives when things got difficult.
You made plans for yourself, your family and friends….
There were times that you spent millions to secure your Dunya by hook or crook…

Even now, you tried everything to get your Permit to exclude yourself from the Lockdown! You even changed the nature of your businesses to be able to continue trading!
You went out of your way to accede to Government Regulations so that your business can continue. Even when Government said 10 or 20 per store! You employed special security, over burdened your staff, placed extra facilities etc etc just so that your business could run! Your business ran even when there were queues snaking throughout the town!!!!

Surely, you can do even more for the Deen of Allah Ta’ala and the Ummah of Our Beloved Rasool sallalahualaihiwasallam, if you want to?

If you can’t, then step down and let others do so. BUT do not become The Obstacle!

-Concerned Musalli of the Masjid