Wild Animals Leave The Jungles

My friends! Submit to Malik (Allah Ta’ala), then all things will submit to you. You are aware of
the stories of the Sahaabah. Once, there was a need for the Muslims to set up camp in one of the
jungles of Africa which was teeming with wild animals. Hadhrat Uqbah, the commander of the
army, took a few Sahaabah with him to a spot in the jungle and announced:
“O wild beasts! We are the Companions of Rasulullah (Sallalahu alayhi wasallam). We intend to set
up camp here. Vacate from here. After this, we shall kill whomever we find.”
Was this an announcement or some bolt of lighting? The animals taking their little ones immediately


Source – Mashaa’ikh-e-Chist